Foliopic Demo


Some photos taken of young model, Brett, for his portfolio here. This album could be made private and a password provided so just Brett and his family could access the photos.

foliopic Pro users can also set up a price list for different size print orders and take orders online
Your albums don't just have to demonstrate your photography skills. They could be used to feature a project you've been doing, such as building a house extension, a car restoration or DIY kit build, like this large format camera project.
You could even use your foliopic website to sell some of your CDs, books or camera gear. Who needs auction and classified ad sites!
You may want to show off your camera gear, write mini reviews about it, advertise it for sale or write buyers guides. This applies to any product: cars, electrical equipment, pets, book collection, musical instruments, etc.
Choose your favourite photos to display in your albums and use an album as your home page sideshow so that it really sets off your website when someone first views it. Leaving a good first impression is essential