Foliopic Demo

Welcome to the demo of the foliopic website creator. If you are a photographer or artist and want a web site that's easy to create then this is the system to use.

Although design primarily with photographers and artists in mind you could also use the system to sell or share your services, which opens foliopic up to all kinds of personal and business use.

foliopic has a very easy to use admin system that enables you to have your own web site up and running in minutes. We take care of your domain, design and layouts. All you have to do is choose a template and fill it with your words and pictures.

This demo site has been created using features of the system so you can see what you could create. Have a look around, or if you're feeling comfortable try our free hands-on demo invitation where you can create your own website using our free seven day trial.

Fungi - down to earth guide

Fungi - down to earth guide
Here you add your description which could be something like: Learn where to look, how to get the best angles, and how to edit your pics to give lush examples of this spectacular subject.

Wildlife Photography for beginners

Wildlife Photography for beginners
Here you add your description which could be something like: A course dedicated to wildlife photography. Learn what to wear, what equipment you need and essential techniques including both pre shoot and post shoot.

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